As we took our seats at the tasting table, our host for a wine & chocolate pairing at 2Beans (Park Ave), chocolate critic (and member of The Big Chocolate Show Team), Clay Gordon, paraphrased Deepak Chopra: ‘Instead of thinking outside the box, get rid of the box.’

When asked about how he comes up with his seemingly unorthodox pairings, his answer was surprising. Often, he said, people tend to stick with predictable combinations when pairing. But according to Clay, relying on conventional wisdom may close the doors to other possibilities. Pushing boundaries is Clay’s speciality, and he follows few guidelines when marrying wine with chocolate.

This evening, there were many delightful surprises during the course of our tasting adventure but most surprisingly was the white chocolate, which Clay said should never be underestimated. It is, according to him, a great ‘flavor delivery vehicle’ that can take bold ingredients. British chocolatier Rococo’s white chocolate cardamom bar was a showstopper.

Imagine the creamiest, most delicious unctuous Indian matai with a blast of nutty spice. It also paired beautifully with an acidic Tablands Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand which cut the sweet richness. The evening’s other winning pair included Italian Amedei milk chocolate served with a glass of Rosalba rosé. The spiciness of the rosé made a perfect foil to sweet, creamy chocolate.

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Written by: Rajiv Mahajan

Photos by: © Kaori Mahajan for WhereNYC