The big chocolate show audience "fave" awards

Big Chocolate Show attendees are Taste Explorers -- tasting with a purpose -- and are eligible to vote for favorite items they taste during The Big Chocolate Show. All voting is done using the Official Show App, in the following categories: 


1. Favorite Dark Chocolate Bar

2. Favorite Milk Chocolate Bar

3. Favorite White Chocolate Bar

4. Favorite Bon Bon / Truffle

5. Favorite Baked Good / Pastry

6. Favorite Beverage

7. Favorite Anything with Caramel

8. Favorite Anything with Nuts

9. Favorite New / Noteworthy / Innovative

10. Favorite Sustainable 

11. Favorite Packaging

A "Best in Show" award will be give to the exhibitor who gets the most votes overall from all their entries.


  • Entry is open to Big Chocolate Show exhibitors only. 
  • Exhibitors can enter up to four (4) items, with a maximum of one (1) entry per category.
  • TBCS will provide exhibitors with voting codes to be displayed on their stands.
  • Registered attendees (i.e. those who have purchased tickets) who download the Official Show App are eligible to vote. 

If you have any questions about the competition or how to enter, please get in touch us: