The big chocolate show "fave" awards

Big Chocolate Show attendees will have the opportunity to vote electronically for their favorites during the show in the following categories: 

1. Favorite Dark Chocolate Bar

2. Favorite Milk Chocolate Bar

3. Favorite White Chocolate Bar

4. Favorite Bon Bon / Truffle

5. Favorite Baked Good

6. Favorite Beverage

7. Favorite Anything with Caramel

8. Favorite Anything with Nuts

9. Favorite New / Noteworthy / Innovative

10. Favorite Sustainable 

11. Favorite Packaging

12. Best in Show (Exhibitor with the most votes)

Awards will be announced at 6:00pm on Sunday and promoted on The Big Chocolate Show website and through all social media and PR/Press channels.


  • Entry is open to TBCS exhibitors only. 
  • Exhibitors will provide TBCS with a list of products they want to be considered in each of the categories 1-11 no later than September 30th, 2016. 
  • TBCS will provide exhibitors with voting codes to be displayed on their stands.
  • Attendees will vote electronically using the codes.

If you have any questions about the competition or how to enter, please get in touch us: